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Our roadside service technicians are trained to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and effectively. City Wide Towing is always there when your vehicle needs a boost.

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Vehicle won’t start?

Often all you need is a battery boost to get your vehicle started.

Even if you’ve already tried boosting the vehicle, we may have success starting the vehicle. Signs that you may need a vehicle boost include:

  • When you turn the key the starter simply clicks
  • Your battery terminals are corroded
  • A collection of oxidized sulfur is apparent
  • There are stains or signs of seepage on the top of the battery

At City Wide Towing, we utilise 1500 Peak amp battery booster packs. Our emergency roadside service technicians are trained and experienced – upon arrival they will be able to diagnose most battery related issues and will let you know if a vehicle boost is necessary.

If you detect a strong sulfuric odor, your car battery looks swollen, or the caps have popped off​ do not attempt to boost your vehicle. Give us a call and we will be happy to tow the vehicle to your repair facility.

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